DIY Makeup Brush Holder with Toilet Paper rolls

                          Here is my next post, simple and fun
I tried to organize my brushes many ways in different holders, cups. I saw many posts on things you can do with the left over toilet paper rolls. Since then I was accumulating them. One day when I was re- organizing my makeup I got this idea of doing a makeup brush holder. Its so much fun and cheap and so many options to make as per your style
End of the story… This is how it looks

1) Take as many toilet paper rolls you want and stick them to a cardboard

2) To paint I used an acrylic paint.

To translate any paint to spray paint just mix equal amount of paint and water in a spray bottle or to what ever pigmentation you need mix with water and your spray paint is ready. Now just paint it.. You need not paint the insides. Once you have brushes and other stuff no one can really see



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